Newpark Residential Development In Kluang, Malaysia

On an over-stretched planet, going green is the logical move for a far-sighted developer.

Driven by Majupadu Development Sdn Bhd and designed by Pomeroy Studio, Newpark will be a flagship for sustainable living and commercial opportunity, says Majupadu executive director Ms Tey Fui Kien.

"With a lush green park and skygarden, Newpark in Kluang, in Johor, Malaysia will be the town's largest masterplanned project."

The mixed-use development will signal Kluang's continuing evolution from a palm oil producer to a vocational education and trade leader. The forward-looking eco-friendly design draws inspiration from the nearby landmark of Gunung Lambak hills.

""We are delighted to be partnering with Pomeroy Studio given their track record of pioneering green design. This project is an opportunity to upgrade Kluang for the future and is a game changing moment for us."

Central to the masterplan is a new park, the Promenade. This will connect a trade centre, an education hub and serviced apartments; a business hotel, shops and offices; commercial parks and a residential component. The Promenade will also generate enough energy to offset what it uses from the public utility infrastructure.

The hotel and convention centre forms the gateway to the township. Embracing the trade and education focus, it will be a hub of social and economic activity, with 250 business-class rooms, suites and family suites, backed by a raft of commercial facilities. A rooftop bar will offer views to Gunung Lambak hills.

The Deck links to the hotel and convention centre and offers a multitude of leisure amenities, including swimming pools, a gymnasium and children's playgrounds.

"Newpark will balance contemporary needs with the delight of a resort-style environment. It will also be a lesson in green design with residents enjoying reduced energy and water bills due to the apartment building's smart use of natural light and ventilation, grey and rainwater harvesting and solar energy. The result will be green living in a secure setting, with many healthy lifestyle choices," says Tey Fui Kien.

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